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Turning a new leaf: starting a new job

This week I will finish up at my current job and jump right into my new one, which is causing me to freak out just a little bit!

I felt so lucky to get my first job and do well in it, that for a while I didn't actually pursue another job. I knew it couldn't last forever, because I was barely making minimum wage (working for a non-profit!) and it was a high-stress job that was only half marketing. I wanted a full-time marketing job doing something that I was passionate about.

When I did apply to a couple jobs, I never heard back, causing me to lose hope for a few months. Maybe this was all I was good at, and maybe I didn't deserve a better job.

Let me tell you...everything happens for a reason. I found a job that I couldn't even believe existed for a physical therapy company. Even though I've never had physical therapy done and don't know much about it, I have some of the same values that the company was portraying on their website and social media. I like to live life to the fullest and be the best, fittest version of myself.

The same day that I applied, I actually heard back and scheduled a phone interview? I know right? Isn't that crazy!! I applied for a desk job at a gym and didn't hear back for 3 months. Everything happened in less than 2 weeks and they offered me the job with better benefits, better pay, and responsibilities that I knew I could handle and was excited for.

It's such a rush of emotions to leave a place where you really had an opportunity to grow and connect with so many people. Working with people who have disabilities has had a huge impact on my life. Everyday they make me smile and learn something new. I'm going to miss them so much as well as the people who are dedicated to making sure that they are treated equally. Now I always look for handicapped parking spaces and accessible entrances. I will sincerely miss working there, but I know it's time to move on.

Even though I have more experience under my belt and am confident in my abilities, I'm still extremely nervous to start the new job! It seems so amazing on paper, that I'm worried that I won't be good enough. I think that it's pretty normal to be nervous about starting a new job, because there are just so many factors that make your workplace satisfying. It's going to be a big change, but I'm so excited for it.

For any of you who are in the same position as me, whether you're starting your first job, starting your second job, or debating about whether you should leave your job, just know that in order to grow we have to leave our comfort zones. I know this is the right move for me, because it will help me financially, personally, and professionally as I will be able to use the skills I've learned at my first job and in school doing tasks that I love.

Even though I'm nervous for this next adventure, I'm so excited to see where it takes me. I hope everyone gets to follow their passion, and know that nerves are just a part of the process!

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