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Thighs, Butts, & Guts At Home Workout

Hi everyone! Like everyone else, my gym is currently closed because of COVID-19. I've always struggled to find the motivation to workout at home and would much prefer to workout at the gym, because it's kind of an escape for me.

Since that's not an option and won't be for quite some time, I filmed a workout that is similar to one I would teach at my gym: thighs, butts, & guts. This is my most popular class, and the only equipment you need for this workout is laundry detergent! OR you can totally do this workout without weight. I know for me personally and many of my clients, we feel a greater mental sense of accomplishment when holding a weight. For some reason - we think it's more fun!

This workout goes through 4 segments: warm up, leg workout, ab workout, and stretches.

I love starting off my workouts by firing up my glutes and engaging my core. To make sure you're doing the two core warmup moves correctly (heel taps and deadbugs) press your lower back into the floor and bring your pelvic slightly towards your chest. A lot of people - women especially - find it hard to engage their core. You should NOT be able to fit your hand under your back when doing core moves with your back on the ground.

For the leg workout, this is a lot of moves. The great thing about working your legs is that you're working so many different muscles, which makes this a great strength training and core workout. If you are newer or haven't worked out in a bit, decrease the sets from 4 to 3.

For the core workout, the goal is to get through these moves as fast as you can. Feel free to take a 10 second break between moves, but no more than that. Take a minute between each of the three rounds, but try to bang out each round as quickly as possibly.

Don't skip the stretches! We have all been guilty of skipping stretches at some point, due to laziness, lack of time, or exhaustion, but it's super important to take the time to stretch. Hold each stretch for 15 seconds. This is not an adequate stretching routine, so feel free to add in your own!

Here's the full workout!

Warm Up

10 Hip Bridges

20 Heel Taps - make sure your lower back is in the floor

10 Frog Pumps

20 Dead Bugs - lower back in floor

3 Cat/Cow Stretches

10 Bird Dogs per side

15 Glute Kickbacks per side - try to go straighter to the ceiling than mine

15 Fire Hydrants per side

10 Runners Lunge Pulses per side

10 Runners Lunge Pulses w/ opposite hand raised per side

5 Runners Lunge Pulses per side

10 Runners Lunge Pulses w/ hand raised per side

10 Runners Lunge Jumps

10 Hamstring Stretches per side - basically just have one foot in front of the other with just your heel on the ground, weight on back foot, swoop down and up

20 Forward Lunges

Squat Walks Side to Side

10 Forward Lunges + Back Leg Straight Leg Kickback per side

Squat Walks Side to Side with Squat Jumps

Leg Workout

Using laundry detergent!

20 Kettlebell Swings/3 sets

20 Curtsy Lunges/4 sets

Superset 3 times (2 moves back to back with no rest in between):

- 12 Hip Thrusts + Hold 12th Rep for 5 Seconds

- 8 Sumo Squats with 3 Pulses per Squat

10 Bulgarian Split Squats per Side/4 sets

10 Single Leg Deadlifts per Side/4 sets

Ab Circuit

30 Russian Twists (15 per side)

30 Side V Ups (15 per side)

15 Jack Knives

15 Leg Lifts

30 Mountain Climbers

*Repeat 3 times total


Hold each for 15 seconds

Reach for your toes

Bring your right leg in and reach for your left foot

Put your right leg over your left leg and twist back to the right

Bend your right leg so the foot is facing out - lean back as far as you can without letting either leg come off the ground

Fall onto your back and hook your right leg on your left and use your hands to bring your legs closer to your chest

Repeat on other side

Butterfly stretch - bring your soles together and try and press your legs into the ground

Shoot your legs wide - reach in the middle then on each side

Slowly get to your feet and come to a forward fold

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