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Babe's Guide to Healthy Snacking

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

I LOVE snacking and find myself on the weekends grazing around from a handful of walnuts to some yogurt. I find it much easier to eat healthy snacks at home, whether it's an apple with some peanut butter or a green smoothie that I can throw together in a couple minutes and eat on the spot.

Work is a whole other story.

Right now, I don't have the ability to make a green smoothie in the morning and keep it in a fridge at work until I get hungry. I would love to, but that's just not feasible for me and for many other people. So I decided to make a list of healthy snacks that you can take on the go with you. Being more mindful about my snacking has really helped my diet. A few months ago, I would munch on a granola bar or too throughout the day, but now I have so many other options. I'm proud to say I haven't had a granola bar in 3 weeks!

1. Banana

Bananas are the best snack, because they come with their own natural wrapper! They're actually pretty filling too. I love having oranges for a snack, but I really think that oranges make me hungrier! Bananas are great because they have a lot of potassium. I try to limit my banana intake to one a day because they do have a bit of sugar and they can cause digestive issues...

2. Nuts and Berries

I HIGHLY recommend buying some small snack-size tupperware. We use these all the time, even at home! Just fill them with some almonds or berries (you can even fill them with a bit of cheese too if you're able to eat it!) and they take up almost no space in the fridge. Perfect for work!

3. Popcorn

Now I am not recommending to you that you eat Smartfood or some heavily processed brand of popcorn, but there are a lot of brands coming out now that make simple popcorn that really isn't that bad for you! Stay away from any kind of buttery popcorn, because you know it's not really butter!

4. Make your own protein bars! - Make your own protein bars! We love our special protein bar that we call "Gains Recipe". All we do is mix sweet potatoes with cinnamon, chia seeds, and cashew butter, you can definitely experiment and see what you like!

5. Yogurt Parfaits

Yogurt is one of my favorite snacks to have in the afternoon or after a big meal, because it gives me my sweetness kick that I really need sometimes to stop me from eating junk food! I bring some soy yogurt with me, and I use those handy dandy snack containers to bring some nuts, berries, chia seeds, or granola with me! Again, you probably need a fridge for the yogurt, but it would either fit in a lunch box with an ice pack or in a small fridge!

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